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A little bit about me. I'm a 24 year old that lives in the south united states. I have been playing Minecraft and video games for as long as I can remember. I mainly started this little side business with Minecraft to help me out with current bills and saving up for my first home. My main mission statement when starting this is not only for my personal financial gain, but to make the world of Minecraft freelancing a smoother and better experience for the customer. I have had more then my fair share of bad experiences with bad costumer service with other freelancers and bad deals. My goal here is to make sure every clients needs are met with the highest standards and are satisfied by the end of it.

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MyCri Moose


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MyCri BriannaPlayz


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MyCri Moose service

Mycri is super friendly, easy to work with, and hard working. I went to him really not knowing what type of management I needed. He took the time to explain what he could do while also asking questions about what I needed/wanted of him. Once we decided on the services I needed he began working on my discord server with under 10 people in it and brought it to around 90 people in about a week. In-game he made sure everything looked organized and was visually pleasing. He also gave me some really helpful suggestions from plugin configs to full feature ideas! I can honestly say that without him I don't think our server would have ever left the "Idea" stage. Overall has been a huge pleasure working with him these past few weeks and I hope to continue doing so in the future! If you want someone who is professional, motivated, and experienced. Get in contact with Mycri!!!

- EmergedCrown

MyCri Brianna service

Great service and build was out standing and completed very fast, highly recommend and will be getting more work done by them!


MyCri Preston service

His response times are great, his builds are well done and very detailed, and he kept me updated the entire time he was working on my build. Overall the service and build was exactly what I hoped for and I will definitely be buying from him again.

- synthpopstar